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Induction heating oil and gas

Oil and gas

EFD Induction has been helping oil and gas service companies since the mid 1990s.

Induction heating is used within a variety of fields in the oil and gas industry.
For example: 

  • Post Weld Heat Treatment
  • Pre Weld Heat Treatment
  • Pre-heating before coating
  • Tube bending
  • Soldering
  • Shrink fitting – bolts and nuts
  • Shrink fitting – steam valves
  • Shrink fitting – bearings
  • Shrink fitting – hubs, gears, sprockets and impellers
  • Shrink fitting – compressors and retaining rings
  • Removal of rubber coatings
  • Removal of glued parts
  • Hardening of spray coatings
  • Straightening

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Induction heating solutions for the offshore industry
Solutions for the offshore industry

Flameless, fast, controllable and mobile—these are just some of the features that make induction perfect for a range of offshore applications.

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Induction heating - bolt expansion
Bolt heating

The use of induction heating for bolt expansion in high-pressure turbines is a powerful business tool. It’s faster than resistance and flame heating.

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Induction heating - coating removal and paint-stripping
Coating removal and paint-stripping

Induction heating cuts coating removal times by as much as 90 per cent compared to alternative methods.

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Induction heating - preheating

An operator replaces a bearing that has been heated with an EFD Induction mobile Minac system.

Induction heating - preheating

Welding the branch pipe onto the live, pressurized main pipe. The induction coil is wrapped in white insulating material. Photo :Technip Norge AS

Induction heating - preheating

EFD Induction systems have been used for hot tap welding on the bed of the North Sea. Photo :Technip Norge AS

Induction heating - preheating

Hot tap welding. Most of the equipment needed for the preheating was housed in this skid and a container on the ship’s deck. Only the coils and the thermocouples were brought into the subsea habitat. Photo :Technip Norge AS

Induction heating - preheating

Specialist coils being tested for the Tampen subsea hot tapping project. See pp. 12-14 for more details about this technically advanced use of induction heating in the offshore industry. Photo :Technip Norge AS

Induction heating - preheating

A medium-frequency EFD Induction Sinac pre-heats seamless offshore pipe prior to coating.

Induction heating oil and gas

Minac units are frequenctly flown to oil platforms to perform repairs and maintenance.

Induction heating - preheating

The ‘Safe Concordia’ accommodation and support platform. A mobile EFD Induction Minac system was used to pre-heat the weld area during the welding of a patch onto a crane tower.

Induction heating equipment

An example of induction pre-heating: the pipe is being heated prior to receiving an anti-corrosive coating.

Induction heating - preheating

An induction coil specially designed and built for offshore industry requirements. Once heated by the coil (in red), the pipe can receive an anti-corrosion covering.

induction heating - postheating

Induction heating is characterized by features that make it ideal for offshore-related tasks: flameless, precise, mobile, versatile

induction heating - postheating

A Sinac being used to heat treat oil and gas pipelines.

Induction heating - PWHT

A proven solution in a tough environment—an EFD Induction PWHT unit in use on advanced, corrosion-resistant alloy pipe in the Sahara desert.

Induction heating - postheating

Mobile Minac systems bring induction solutions to offshore platforms.

induction heating - postheating

Onsite post-heating for the oil and gas industry is a growing application area for EFD Induction. The photo show a mobile Minac being used to treat pipelines.

Induction bolt heating

Induction heating is increasingly used to remove the giant nuts and bolts in power stations' turbines.

Induction heating at oil processing plants

Induction heating is a time- and labour-saving alternative to ineffecient flame and resistance heating for oil and gas processing plants, chemical plants and power stations.

Induction heating - paint and coating removal

The Coating Removal System is a game-changer that facilitates removal of coatings from carbon steel, structural steel and other metal substrates.

Induction heating - paint and coating removal

EFD Induction has worked closely with customers across the globe to develop the Coating Removal System.

Induction heating - paint and coating removal

The Coating Removal System is compact, light-weight, and easy to move around worksites.

Induction heating - paint and coating removal

Much easier clean-up. The coating material mainly peels off in flakes rather than being pulverized.

Post weld heat treatment solution

A customized solution built for post weld heat treatment (PWHT) jobs.