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Coating Removal System
HardLine<br/>Industrial heat treatment systems
Vertical systems
HardLine VS 300
HardLine VM 500
HardLine VM 500 Twin
HardLine VM 1000
HardLine VM 1500
HardLine VM 1500 Twin
HardLine VM 2000
HardLine VM 2000 Twin
HardLine VL 500
HardLine VL 1000
HardLine VL 1500
HardLine VL 2000
HardLine PM 1000
HardLine PM 1000 Twin
HardLine PM 1500
Rotary table systems
HardLine RT 550
HardLine RT 710
HardLine RT 940
HardLine RT 1260
Centerless systems
HardLine CP 600
HardLine CP 1200
HardLine CP 600 HT
HardLine CP 600 Twin
HardLine CP 1200 Twin
HardLine CP 600 HT Twin
HardLine CC 300
HardLine CC 600
HardLine CC 300 HT
HardLine CC 600 HT
Crankshaft systems
HardLine CIHM 1200
Custom-engineered systems
HardLine TS 250 HT
HardLine CS 800 HT
HardLine DS 800
HardLine LIHM 1000
HardLine Special Robot
Energy Management System
HeatLine<br/>Industrial heat processing systems
HeatLine CBB
HeatLine CHC
HeatLine CHV
HeatLine DAB
HeatLine FAR
HeatLine FIB
HeatLine FIM
HeatLine LAB
Minac<br/>Mobile heat generators
Minac 6/10 SM
Minac 6/10 SM Twin
Minac 12/18 SM
Minac 12/18 SM Twin
Minac 18/25 SM
Minac 18/25 SM Twin
Minac 25/40 SM
Minac 25/40 SM Twin
Minac 50/80 SM
Minac 50/80 SM Twin
Minac 70/110 SM
Minac 70/110 SM Twin
Minac 140/220 SM
Minac 6/10 SH
Minac 12/18 SH
Minac 18/25 SH
Minac 25/40 SH
Sinac<br/>Universal heat generators
Low frequency systems
Sinac 100 PL
Sinac 200 PL
Sinac 250 PL
Sinac 300 PL
Sinac 400 PL
Sinac 500 PL
Sinac 600 PL
Sinac 650 PL
Medium frequency systems
Sinac 6/10 SM
Sinac 6/10 SM Twin
Sinac 12/18 SM
Sinac 12/18 SM Twin
Sinac 18/25 SM
Sinac 18/25 SM Twin
Sinac 25/40 SM
Sinac 25/40 SM Twin
Sinac 50/80 SM
Sinac 100/160 SM
Sinac 150/250 SM
Sinac 200/320 SM
Sinac PM/PH 50-200
High frequency systems
Sinac PM/PH 50-200
Sinac 6/10 SH Twin
Sinac 12/18 SH
Sinac 12/18 SH Twin
Sinac 18/25 SH
Sinac 18/25 SH Twin
Sinac 25/40 SH
Sinac 25/40 SH Twin
Multi frequency systems
Sinac 100 - 150 S MFC
Sinac 200 - 300 S MFC
Custom engineered systems
Weldac<br/>High-output solid-state welders
Terac<br/>Deck and bulkhead straightening
Cable and Wire System
Induction coils
Consultation services
Operational support services
Induction coil services
Commercial and training services
Induction annealing
Tube and Pipe
Induction bonding
Induction brazing
Cable and Wire Heating
Coating Removal
Induction forging
Metal and Foundry
Induction hardening
Induction melting
Metal and Foundry
Induction plasma
Cable and Wire
Metal and Foundry
Induction preheating
Cable and Wire
Tube and Pipe
Induction postheating
Cable and Wire
Tube and Pipe
Induction straightening
Induction tempering
Induction welding
Tube and Pipe
Cable and Wire
Metal and Foundry
Tube and Pipe
Newsletter – ‘Hottopics’
Press releases
Politicians praise induction innovation
Quality management certification
Record-breaking weekly sales of Induction Welders
The professional way to minimize energy consumption
Induction power supports prestigious powerhouse
Introducing SiC transistors
Customised solutions is our speciality
Popular stand at Euroblech 2018
Innovative maritime waste recycling project
Celebrating a succesful project
Satisfied Weldac customer
Tata Steel invests in EFD Induction Weldacs across European plants
EHE Consumables acquires ISO certification
Industrial evolution at Fabtech 2017
New MD for EFD Induction Poland
The world’s fastest and most flexible horizontal hardening machine
New Global Sales Director
Award-winning standardisation
Breaking the cycle of poverty
Data privacy protection
EFD Induction Weldac chosen for 16 inch mill
Electrotechnical Award
Exciting job opportunities in the US
Fabulous week at Tube 2018
JTEKT award to EFD Induction China
Meet us in Guangdong
See you in Shanghai in March
Upgraded range of Sinac converters
See you in Yokohama in February
Wire preheater system chosen by US manufacturer
Job Opportunities / Vacant Positions
Largest single-cabinet welder produced by EFD Induction
Welder upgrade improves THDI
Induction scanners for sun gears and shafts
Scarfing systems and welding consumables
Induction coil order from Voith Hydro AB
EFD Induction expertise used for bridge repair
The new coating removal system
New Vice President of Operations
EFD Induction acquires Superior Technologies Europe
Thermo King install brazing machine
Giant tube and pipe maker orders a giant induction welder
Haier Group buys brazing system
EFD Induction lands major order for thread annealing of CV joints
EFD Induction chosen for heat treatment of balance shafts
Shipyard De Hoop buys Terac
Norwegian state backs EFD Induction Romania
Roll forming equipment maker orders two solid-state induction welders
EFD Induction article wins award
Short-circuit ring brazing
EFD Induction India to demonstrate cost-cutting innovations at major trade shows
Pascal Large new Managing Director at EFD Induction France
Profile welding
Bulgarian tube maker HUS chooses EFD Induction Weldacs
New Managing Director for EFD Induction Germany
India’s Ambassador to Norway visits EFD Induction HQ
"Terac" deck straightening order
EFD Induction scores breakthrough order with NSK
Post weld heat treatment delivery
EFD Induction to display doubled productivity at AHR Dallas show
New Group Sales and Marketing Director at EFD Induction
Minac mobile heating system wins gold medal
Induction improves output for Blue Wave
Ekornes chooses induction brazing equipment
Morten Lavergren new head of Electronic Heating Equipment
New CEO takes helm at EFD Induction Group
Major new technical article by EFD Induction experts
New welding Sales Manager at EFD Induction Norway
Bjørn Røsvik new manager at EFD Induction Norway
Peter Runeborg new Sales and Service Manager at EFD Induction Norway
EFD Induction contributes to English-language edition of heat treatment book
EFD Induction acquires Electronic Heating Equipment, Inc.
New additions to the Weldac range
EFD Induction expert published by leading steel industry group
EFD Induction to show new low-power welder at Tube Düsseldorf
New Area Sales Manager for EFD Induction Norway
EFD Induction to focus on core business—sells commercial heat treatment operation
Calsonic Kansei chooses new welder from EFD Induction
EFD Induction lands Caterpillar hardening orders
EFD Induction wins series of chain hardening orders in China
EFD Induction to unveil new Weldac range at Fabtech
Miebach orders EFD Induction equipment for laser welding
Powertest Asia orders EFD Induction bolt expansion systems
EFD Induction expertise used on ‘Safe Concordia’ platform
Valve specialist Basso orders EFD Induction hardening system
ESAB orders EFD Induction system for T-beam welding machine
EFD Induction lands brazing system order from ANDRITZ HYDRO
Repeat brazing equipment order from France’s Jeumont Electric
EFD Induction contributes to new heat treatment book
EFD Induction lands major automotive hardening order from ZF
Search for efficiency drives order surge for EFD Induction ‘Weldac’ systems
Alstom uses EFD Induction Minacs for bolt expansion
EFD Induction lands major Indian welder order
EFD Induction develops new door straightening solution for Libra-Plast
New EFD Induction subsidiary in Japan
Chicago area tube mills opt for EFD Induction
EFD Induction chosen for Eibach springs
Synergetic Technologies Inc. is New Agent for EFD Induction in Canada
EFD Induction to Braze Danfoss Compressors
Major induction heating video library now available
Keppel AmFELS opts for induction straightening
Sharing knowledge at prestigious Handelsblatt Conference
Taifeng Steel chooses Weldac welder from EFD Induction
ArcelorMittal Fontaine chooses EFD Induction
EFD Induction announces extended warranty for Tube-and-Pipe industry
EFD Induction is supplying the biggest induction welding equipment ever
EFD Induction expands welder service capabilities
Revolutionary high-uptime Weldac series launched
Technical articles
News archive
Japanese manufacturing giant orders ‘Minac’ induction heating systems
EFD Induction lands major brazing orders from India-based multinationals
Solutions for Cable and Wire Heating
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Release of new Induction Brazing brochure
Glass fiberizing process
Two important new articles now available
Visit us at FABTECH
New additions to the Weldac range
EFD Induction boosts welding frequency up to 500 kHz with IGBT transistors
Visit us at Motor China
Join us at Tube Düsseldorf
Meet us in Guangdong
Maximized uptime and throughput from the EFD Induction Weldac
Weldac impresses at Chinese event
Bolt heating on a steam turbine
ArcelorMittal Fontaine chooses EFD Induction
Pre-heating of stabilizer bar ends
Induction Instruction
EFD Induction to braze Danfoss Compressors
US breakthrough for new Terac
New agent in Canada
Induction film library on YouTube
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