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Customer satisfaction

Friday, May 16 was a regular day at the Carrier commercial air conditioning plant in Morrison, Tennessee. That is, until a component failure threatened to shut down production.

For fabrication engineering manager Phillip Hobbs it looked like disaster might strike. “You bet,” says Phillip. “We were facing every plant manager’s worst nightmare—shutting down assembly lines. And it wasn’t just one, but three lines that were in jeopardy.” Fortunately, Jim Grden and his team from EFD Induction Southfield were soon on the scene. Phillip Hobbs relates what happened: “Well Jim Grden and his staff did a great job. Jim in particular. He stuck around until very late until we diagnosed the problem and got replacement parts on their way to us. The parts arrived noon Saturday and we were up and running later that day. This saved us an awful lot of money—and prevented us having unhappy customers.”

Following the incident Phillip sent an e-mail to EFD Induction, Inc. management praising Jim Greden and his colleagues for their, “initiative and support of Customer Satisfaction.” Phillip also wrote: “I hope you have a good recognition process in place to reward someone like him… people like Jim will take your company a long way on the road to success!”

Everyone at EFD Induction would like to thank Phillip Hobbs for his encouraging remarks. As well as for taking the time from his busy schedule to thank Jim and his colleagues. We really appreciate it. And finally, our own words of thanks to Jim. Well done. You’re an example to us all!