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Universal heat generators


Choosing Sinac gives you more than the market's most advanced, most reliable induction heating systems. You also get easy access to EFD Induction’s global service, training and spare parts network. This network—which is made up of manufacturing plants, service centers and local representatives—means you are never far from qualified help and support.  


Opting for Sinac also ensures you get the best possible solution tailored to your specific needs and conditions. Prior to designing your system, our engineers, metallurgists and material experts assess your requirements. Testing and computer simulation at our labs guarantee you receive equipment which is optimized to your applications and which can be painlessly integrated into existing production lines and processes.  





To learn more about Sinac please download the brochure or contact your nearest EFD Induction office. 
  Sinac Universal heat generators


Seam normalizing and full body annealing


EFD Induction offers seam annealing of tube welds and full body annealing of both magnetic and non-magnetic tube products. We also provide integrated induction annealing solutions for steel strip and wire production.


Induction annealing has many benefits. The heat is generated directly in the material, leading to high efficiency and low energy costs. It is also a fast and controllable process, which will improve your throughput. And the heat is very accurate—crucial to meet today's stringent quality standards.


The right heat in the right place reforms the material structure and reduces internal stresses in just the way you want.

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Seam normalizing




Induktives Kleben/ Induktionskleben

Bonding with induction heating

Since the early 1980s, EFD Induction has been at the forefront of developing induction bonding solutions. No wonder then that today we are recognized as a leading supplier of solutions to speed up curing processes for bonding in Europe as well as in the Americas.  


We offer full ring bonding and spot bonding. In both cases, the benefits of induction are considerable. The heat is, for example, highly accurate. No problems with excessive temperatures in surrounding areas, which can lead to misshapen components. And it's delivered in seconds, significantly speeding up production and saving energy.  


Our induction bonding solutions are mainly found in the automotive industry, for example for induction bonding of door, hood and trunk panels. Induction is also used for electrotechnical purposes such as bonding of curved strands, break shoes and magnets, as well as within the white goods sector for bonding of guides and rails, shelves and panels.  

Brazing with induction heating


EFD Induction offers brazing in various important fields such as the automotive, aviation, electrotechnical and white goods industries. It includes brazing of aluminum, brass, copper, copper alloys, iron and cast iron, steel and stainless steel.


There are many reasons why using induction heating instead of gas for brazing is clearly beneficial. Induction transfers more energy per square meter than an open flame, resulting in faster heating cycles—put simply, you produce more components per hour.


The heat is also easy to check and adjust. You reduce the risk of overheating, which can lead to higher porosity and weaker joints. What's more, you reduce the risk of cold brazing as induction generates the heat in the base material.

Just as important, induction heating improves the working environment and safety. No gas needed, no open flame, no additional heating.


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Induction Brazing












Induction postheating

Postheating with induction

Postheating is a major area for EFD Induction, and we have designed and installed numerous solutions around the world. Many of our postheating solutions are concentrated to the automotive, aviation, cable and wire, electrotechnical, and tube and pipe industries.    


Induction is an excellent way of postheating. The heat is generated directly in the material and is very accurate—time and time again. This reduces radiation loss and shortens heating times compared with gas or furnace.   Even more important is the higher quality and throughput achieved in the end. You get, for example, a faster and improved cross linking process of cable insulation.

Induction preheating

Preheating with induction

EFD Induction is present in a series of industries for preheating—primarily the automotive, cable and wire, electrotechnical, and tube and pipe industries. In many cases, our preheating solutions are integrated into production lines.


Using induction rather than gas or a furnace for preheating has several advantages. Heat transfer is direct—minimizing heat loss and energy consumption while increasing the production rate and improving quality.


The heat can also be controlled precisely. This makes it possible to reduce the temperature when welding and then achieve a lower cooling rate. Less risk of cold cracking and excessive hardening are some of the benefits.


And you can forget heat-spreading flames. You get a better working environment, less need for cooling and a lower fire risk.


Straightening with induction heating

Our deck and bulkhead straightening solutions are found in the ship- building industry (deck straightening), construction industry (straightening of bridges) and trains/trucks industry (production and repair of locomotives, rolling stock and Heavy Goods Vehicles).  


Using induction for straightening means that you get the right heat, exactly where you want it. When repairing a steel chassis on a truck, for example, there’s no need to dismount heat-sensitive components such as brakes and cables.   Induction also makes life easier for staff and the environment. No gas flame to emit dangerous fumes. No flame to burn the skin. And, in addition, induction heating is easy to learn and safe to use.  


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Deck and bulkhead straightening 






Product sheet :  Straightening with induction heating

Induction heating for the automotive industry

EFD Induction has for years been a trusted supplier of induction heating solutions to numerous automakers in North America and Europe. We also work with many tier-one suppliers and sub-contractors.  


Induction heating is used within a variety of fields in the automotive industry such as:

  • Induction bonding of body parts and magnets in electric motors
  • Induction brazing of connections for air-conditioning systems, brake linings and fuel tank injection pipes
  • Induction hardening and tempering of engine, suspension and transmission parts
  • Induction preheating of transmission parts, for example shrink fitting of gear wheels
  • Induction postheating of engine parts and brake discs (polymerization)
  • Induction straightening of steel chassis







Induction heating of aviation parts

Induction heating for the aviation industry

Product quality and process consistency are obviously crucial to the aviation industry. That's why the accurate, repeatable and contact-free heat of induction heating has become so popular with aircraft manufacturers, airlines and their suppliers.


Our compact multipurpose Minac converters, for instance, are particularly sought after by maintenance divisions because of their flexibility and ease of mobility.


Here are some typical uses of our equipment within the aviation industry:

Induction heating for the cable and wire industry

The unrivalled accuracy, control and efficiency of induction heating makes it ideal for many key tasks in the manufacture and processing of wire and cable products.


EFD Induction offers solutions for many applications from structural ferrous and non-ferrous wires, copper and aluminium cable and conductors to fibre optic production. The applications are very wide ranging including, but not limited to, forming, forging, heat treatment, galvanizing, coating, drawing etc. at temperatures from 10’s of degrees to in excess of 1,500 degrees. Developing systems that are optimised for your requirement with customised solutions is an EFD Induction speciality.  

The systems can be employed as your total heating solution or as a booster to improve the productivity of an existing furnace by acting as a pre heater. Our induction heating solutions are renowned for their compactness, productivity and efficiency.




We offer solutions for in-line heating of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


Typical applications include:

  • Drying post cleaning or removing water or solvent from coatings
  • Curing of liquid or powder based coatings. Providing a superior bond strength and surface finish
  • Diffusion of metallic coating
  • Pre heating for extrusion of polymer and metallic coatings
  • Heat treatment including: stress relieving, tempering, annealing, bright annealing, hardening, patenting etc.
  • Pre heating for hot forming or forging, especially important for specification alloys 

Whilst we supply a range of solutions, most are optimised to meet your specific requirements. In the photograph you see a customized solution for the heat treatment of spring wire. This has many features specific to our customer’s needs, including the ability to move the coils off line.

Induction heating: Wire heating System. Structural wire and cable. Ferros and non-ferros.




EFD Induction has a very long and illustrious history in the manufacture of pre heaters for coating and extrusion lines for the manufacture of copper and aluminium conductors and cables. Our flexible solutions allow simplicity of installation on new or retro fit line applications.

 Pre-heater for coating and extrusion lines for the manufacture of copper and aluminium conductors and cables  








 Pre-heater for coating and extrusion lines for the manufacture of copper and aluminium conductors and cables


Optimised for cable heating of copper or aluminium conductors. The compact transformer (HHT), coil and support plate allows simple integration into a production line.






EFD Induction has developed dedicated solutions for the manufacture of optical fibre.


This includes:  

  • Fibre Draw
  • Sintering
  • Stretching 

Our solutions offer a very compact form factor which allows installation where space is at a premium allowing the replacement of traditional heating technologies. EFD Induction are always pioneering new solutions in this market. 


The system in the photograph shows a 100kW power supply for fibre drawing.


Induction heating: Optical fibre manufacture

Induction heating for the electrotechnical industry

EFD Induction equipment performs a variety of crucial tasks in the electrotechnical industry. Most of our solutions for this sector fall into the following categories:
  • Brazing of conductors in motors, generators and transformers
  • One-shot brazing of short circuit rings
  • Preheating of generator components and casings before welding
  • Postheating for softening bars and removing shrink-fitted parts











Faucet brazing

Induction heating for the appliances industry

EFD Induction supplies induction equipment to the world's leading producers of refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and faucets. Our main area is brazing of compressor parts, but induction can also be used for the hardening of compressor parts and shrinking of parts used.


Metal melting

Induction heating for the metal and foundry industry

Our very first equipment items were designed and built for the Metal and Foundry—and over the past five decades we have led the way in developing time- and money-saving solutions for the sector.


Our solutions for Metal and Foundry are mainly to be found in the following areas:

  • Forging of billet heaters and horizontal/vertical bar end heaters
  • Melting of metal and glass
  • Plasma heating of titanium and silicon

Induction heating for the shipbuilding industry

We provide equipment that is used around the world during the construction, repair and maintenance of all kinds of vessels. Some examples are:
  • Coating removal and paint stripping
  • Straightening of plate profiles after welding or other thermal/mechanical influence on the material
  • Heating before welding and bending (tubes, pipes, profiles…)





Sinac is EFD Induction’s range of complete stationary heating systems.
Benefits, product features and technical data
Benefits, product features and technical data
Benefits, product features and technical data
Benefits, product features and technical data
Benefits, product features and technical data
Benefits, product features and technical data
Benefits, product features and technical data
Benefits, product features and technical data
Benefits, product features and technical data
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