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The EFD Induction Weldac

Is this the world's best welder?What it is, how it works and why you should care


What it is  

‘Weldac’ is EFD Induction’s range of solid-state welders for tube and pipe welding. A standard Weldac system comprises a diode rectifier, IGBT inverter modules, an output section, busbar and operator control section. Although typically used with an induction coil for induction welding, Weldacs can also be fitted with contact heads for contact welding. Weldacs are available with power outputs of 50-2,200 kW. Low- and medium-power Weldacs are housed in a single cabinet. Those above 600 kW are housed in two.


But Weldac is much more than a physical welder. It also includes the support and back-up of EFD Induction, Europe’s largest induction heating company. This support ranges from maintenance to operator training to spares logistics. And with a global network of factories, offices and workshops, this back-up is never too far away.


How it works

The Weldac is the benchmark of induction welders, offering levels of uptime, output and product quality that are unrivalled in the tube and pipe industry. Several factors contribute to this premium performance. Chief among them is the use of rugged, reliable IGBT transistors in the inverter. Previously, the generally accepted highest frequency range for these reliable IGBTs was 125-150 kHz. This meant that IGBT transistors were limited to welding large diameter pipe.


But then came EFD Induction’s patented breakthrough. This innovation essentially ‘splits’ the system, reducing the maximum effective switching frequency of, say, a 400 kHz system into quarters of 100 kHz switching for each IGBT module. The end result is the Weldac delivers efficient power transfer at frequencies up to 500 kHz—and all delivered with the exceptional reliability that IGBT transistors are known for. In fact, our IGBT transistors are so reliable at high frequencies that the Weldac is the only tube and pipe welder to be backed by a five-year warranty for the system’s inverter modules and driver cards.  


Why you should care

The Weldac is a powerful and proven business tool that helps you in three key areas:


1. It reduces costs

2. It increases output

3. It improves quality  


Of course, we wouldn’t want you to just take our word for the commercial and technical benefits of the Weldac. That’s why we urge you to read the many case stories, technical articles, testimonials and Return-on-Investment analyses we have on file.


But before you contact your nearest EFD Induction office for more information, take a few minutes to learn exactly how a Weldac can improve your business’s costs, productivity and quality.


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(Things are going to get a bit technical from now on. If you want to focus more on the business benefits of Weldac, please jump straight to the summary.)