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Induction heating for the shipbuilding industry

We provide equipment that is used around the world during the construction, repair and maintenance of all kinds of vessels. Some examples are:
  • Coating removal and paint stripping
  • Straightening of plate profiles after welding or other thermal/mechanical influence on the material
  • Heating before welding and bending (tubes, pipes, profiles…)





Induction straightening

Induction straightening in the shipbuilding industry

EFD Induction equipment can be found in shipyards and dry docks around the world. In fact, it was EFD Induction who back in the early 1980s introduced induction straightening as the ultimate solution.


What is it then that makes induction so attractive for straightening assemblies that have been distorted by welding on a ship? One reason is precision—you get just the right temperature, just where it’s needed. The risk of overheating metals is much less than with a flame. In fact, it is impossible when heating magnetic steel.


Another reason is that induction generates heat directly in the material. You considerably reduce the risk of fire—crucial when working with straightening decks or bulkheads inside the ship. In addition, it’s easy to learn how to handle induction heating. Savings in working time can amount to 80 percent and energy efficiency is also greatly improved.



Terac has been documented to cut straightening times by as much as 80 per cent compared to flame heating and other traditional methods.


EFD Induction Teracs can be found in shipyards around the world. Customers usually cite a dramatic reduction in straightening costs as the biggest benefit of switching to Terac.



The Terac 25 brings the cost, safety and environmental benefits of induction heating to shipyards. A proven, turnkey solution, the Terac only needs an electricity supply and it’s ready to start work. Terac is ideal for deck and bulkhead straightening.








To learn more about HardLine please download the brochure or contact your nearest EFD Induction office. 
  Deck and bulkhead straightening






Product sheet :  Terac


Mobile heat generators

Minac - Mobile heat generators



Wide range of applications.

Brazing, shrink fitting, hardening, curing, straightening, heat treatment, etc.



Suitable for heating all kinds of electrically conductive materials like copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, titanium, etc.


Twin power output.

Many models come in a Twin version featuring two independent power outputs that can operate simultaneously.


Mobile induction.

You can move it around a workshop or factory floor. Can be loaded into a car or van and transported to work sites.


Complete range.

Available with maximum intermittent output power of 10-220 kW (6-140 kW continuous) and a frequency range of 10-280 kHz.




To learn more about Minac please download the brochure or contact your nearest EFD Induction office.
  Minac - Mobile heat generators

Induction coils

Having the right coil—and keeping it in the best possible condition—is critical to the efficiency of your induction solution. After all, the coil is the component that actually delivers the heat to the workpiece.


Our induction coil services cover all your coil needs: from coil design through to coil manufacture, installation, maintenance, repair and replacement.


Coil design

Correct coil design is essential to cost-effective induction heating. This service ensures you get design customized to your heating applications and materials. Which, in turn, means that you get the right heating patterns and your induction heating power supply delivers maximum output. You can use the service when introduction induction heating for the first time, or when upgrading existing coils. 


Coil database

Each EFD Induction coil is documented in a database containing all essential information. This makes it quick and easy for us to repair and replace your coils with constant quality. You can use the service when introducing induction heating for the first time, or when upgrading existing coils.


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Induction heating cuts deck and bulkhead straightening times by as much as 80 per cent compared to alternative methods.
Benefits, product features and technical data
The Minac range of complete mobile induction systems is even easier to use than its acclaimed predecessor.
Deck straightening
Deck straigtening with EFD Induction Terac.

Induction straightening of plate
Straightening of welded steel plates and steel sheet constructions.