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Induction heating for the metal and foundry industry

Induction heating for the metal and foundry industry

Our very first equipment items were designed and built for the Metal and Foundry—and over the past five decades we have led the way in developing time- and money-saving solutions for the sector.


Our solutions for Metal and Foundry are mainly to be found in the following areas:

  • Forging of billet heaters and horizontal/vertical bar end heaters
  • Melting of metal and glass
  • Plasma heating of titanium and silicon
Billet heating

Metal and Foundry Forging

EFD Induction has no fewer than three groups of equipment designed specifically for forging applications. Each range offers compact, easy-to-install solutions that include capacitor banks and converters with full control panels.
  • CHC induction billet heaters—square and round profiles from small size section up to large size section; designed for heavy duty industrial use to heat billet before stamping or warm forming
  • CBB horizontal bar end heaters—bar heating and special profile heating
  • CHV vertical bar end heaters—bar heating and special profile heating
Induction melting

Induction melting for the metal and foundry industry

We presently offer five different types of melting furnaces for a wide variety of materials such as aluminum, copper, gold, iron, platina, silver and steel:

Plasma technology for the metal and foundry industry

Our inductive plasma technology has had a significant impact on the metal and foundry industry within heat treatment of titanium and silicon.


Compared to traditional techniques, EFD Induction plasma solutions dramatically simplify and streamline the heat treatment process. An EFD Induction plasma system with 100 kW output power and a 500 mm long plasma flame can typically produce in the region of 100 kg titanium per day.


Moreover, the very high enthalpies obtained by EFD Induction plasma systems result in extremely high purity titanium and silicon. (Inductive plasma can reach temperatures of 5,000 – 11,000°C.)


Titanium prepared with EFD Induction plasma is used for surgical and dental implants. It is also employed in the powder metallurgy and aerospace industries. Our solutions can also be used to produce silicon for use in solar cells.

HeatLine Melting and forging equipment


Industrial heat processing systems


HeatLine is EFD Induction’s family of systems for melting and forging applications. A comprehensive range, HeatLine systems feature serial and/or parallel compensated induction power sources for a wide range of output powers and frequencies.


HeatLine’s serial technology is built around robust, high-uptime IGBT transistors. Our parallel technology features thyristor, IGBT and MOSFET components. Each HeatLine converter offers automatic load matching, a single microprocessor-based control board and integrated capacitors.


In addition to systems for melting and forging, HeatLine offers solutions for graphite coating, wire and strip heating, spring wire rolling, glass melting, graphite susceptor heating, galvanizing, food and chemical vessel heating, and other special applications.





To learn more about HeatLine please download the brochure or contact your nearest EFD Induction office. 
  Heatline Induction Melting and Forging Equipment

EFD Induction's melting furnaces are proven solutions for labs and small to mid-size foundries.
EFD Induction billet heaters heat practically any dimension of billets and slugs in materials as diverse as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium and brass.
HeatLine is EFD Induction’s family of systems for melting and forging applications.
Automated, high-output solutions for bar end and partial heating.
Forging of billets
EFD Induction forging solutions have been installed in dozens of countries, mainly in the metal and foundry sector.