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High-output solid-state welders

Weldac - High-output solid-state welders


The Weldac is EFD Induction's family of high-output solid-state welders. A complete system, the Weldac consists of a frequency converter, output matching section, busbar, external control system and coil connection.


The Weldac system is available in two basic designs: single-cabinet for welders up to 1000 kW; double-cabinet for welders up to 2200 kW. Weldac is a proven solution for welding stainless steel, aluminum, low-carbon steel and high-strength steel.


Modular design with independent IGBT inverters makes Weldac compact, saving valuable floor space and simplifying in-line integration and retrofitting. The Weldac system can be fitted with induction coils or contact welding heads.










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  Weldac Solid-State-Welders






Welding with induction heating

All our welders have rugged, independent full-bridge IGBT transistors. These transistors are virtually short-circuit proof, considerably boosting reliability and uptime.


You also get more output thanks to our continuous electronic load matching. This secures full power output across a wide range of tube sizes (OD 3/8”-26”/10mm-600 mm), ensuring maximum welding speed for each size.


Moreover, you can reduce your power consumption. The efficiency from input at the rectifier to output at the coil is, at least 85-87 percent. And the use of diode rectifiers results in a high, constant power factor (0.95) at all power levels—thereby eliminating the need for costly reactive power compensation capacitors.


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Weldac Solid-State-Welders







Induction heating for the tube and pipe industry

EFD Induction is very well known within the Tube and Pipe industry. Our Weldac family of welders confirms our leading position as a provider of cost-effective, high-uptime systems.

 Some of the areas where we supply solutions are:

  • Seam annealing of longitudinal tube welds
  • Full body annealing of both magnetic and non-magnetic tube products 
  • Preheating and postheating of various workpieces
  • Longitudinal seam welding of tubes and pipes in dimensions from OD 3/8”-26”/10 mm –  660 mm 







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