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Wire preheater system chosen by US manufacturer

A major US wire and cable manufacturer recently ordered an EFD Induction preheating system. The system will be used for heating prior to extrusion.



Although induction heating is put to many different uses in the wire and cable industry, it is most often employed for pre-extrusion heating, as the method delivers shorter cross-linking times and faster line speeds. 

The system is powered by an EFD Induction ‘Sinac’ converter. Sinac delivers the quality-improving benefits of modern induction heating: precise, no-contact, controllable heat with reproducible temperatures and ramp-up and dwell times. Better quality also reduces costs by minimizing scrap and re-working.


Other preheating applications are softening and annealing. Induction heating is also used for vulcanizing, flux drying, and lacquer and paint drying and curing. Improved productivity and consistent high quality are not the only benefits achieved with induction heating. Valuable floor space can also be saved, due to induction heating’s compact footprint.     

Cable and wire heating

The unrivaled accuracy and control of induction heating—and the fact that it can be used on virtually any electrically conductive material—make it ideal for many key tasks in the manufacture of cable and wire.