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Roll forming equipment maker orders two solid-state induction welders

EFD Induction, one of the world’s largest induction heating companies, recently received an order for two of its ‘Weldac’ induction welders from a major North American roll forming company.

According to EFD Induction US Sales Manager Mark Andrus, the welders will be used to weld profiles and beams. “Yet again,” comments Andrus, “companies with the highest productivity and quality demands turn to EFD Induction when choosing their induction welders. These orders underline the unrivalled throughput and reliability offered by our Weldac systems.”

Weldac is the name given to EFD Induction’s range of solid-state induction welders. Featuring patented driver innovations, Weldacs use rugged IGBT transistors that are virtually short-circuit proof. Weldacs also feature continuous electronic load matching. The use of diode rectifiers means Weldacs offer a high constant power factor of 0.95 at all power levels, while also eliminating the need for costly reactive power compensation capacitors.


 Weldac 50