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New additions to the Weldac range

EFD Induction is introducing a new range of smaller, lower powered Weldac solid-state welders.



Weldac 75

The new line-up features Weldacs in the 50-225 kW power range at frequencies of 150-400 kHz. “The big news,” says Peter Runeborg of EFD Induction, “is that all the benefits of existing high-power Weldacs are now available from a smaller, lower-powered system.


These benefits include the unrivalled uptime made possible by Weldac’s patented switching technology and its use of rugged IGBT transistors.”


The new Weldac 50-225 kW range is in production, with systems already ordered in Europe and the US. “These smaller Weldacs are especially attractive to fabricators for whom welding is an important element in a larger manufacturing process,” says Runeborg. “Such customers need reliable, easy-to operate and cost-effective welding solutions that can also meet stringent quality and safety standards.”


The new 50-225 kW Weldac range is covered by EFD Induction’s five-year warranty on inverter modules, a warranty unique in the tube and pipe welding industry. The new range is designed to weld smaller OD tubes, profiles and non-magnetic materials. The new range also offers the high constant power factor (0.95) at all power levels that is standard on bigger Weldacs.


Download Technical backgrounder for Weldac 50-225