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EFD Induction to show new low-power welder at Tube Düsseldorf

EFD Induction will display one of its new low-power induction welders at this year’s Tube Düsseldorf (hall 06, stand C 26).

The welders are the latest addition to EFD Induction’s well-known Weldac range of induction welders. “The only differences,” says Peter Runeborg, head of welder sales at EFD Induction, “are the new welders’ lower power ratings of 50-225 kW and their smaller footprints. Everything else—including the high constant power factor of 0.95, the use of rugged IGBT transistors, and our unique five-year warranty on all inverter modules—stays the same.”

According to Runeborg, the new low-power Weldacs are especially attractive to fabricators for whom welding is an important element in a larger manufacturing process. “Many of these customers use large, inefficient valve-type welders. Now they can gain the benefits of steady-state welding, but at power ratings that suit their production needs.”  

An example of such a manufacturer is automotive component manufacturer Calsonic Kansei, which has chosen one of the low-power welders to weld aluminium components for car radiators and condensers. The new welder has been chosen by Calsonic Kansei UK for its facility in Llanelli, Wales. “Our choice of EFD Induction was in part motivated by our positive experience of a larger Weldac,” says Peter Tomas, production engineer at the Llanelli plant. “The larger Weldac achieved high uptime, and gave us very little trouble. And when we did need after-sales support, we received prompt, professional service from EFD Induction.”

The new Weldac, which will soon be delivered to Calsonic Kansei will weld aluminium radiator and condenser components with a material thickness of only 0.25mm. “Being chosen by Calsonic Kansei, which is a renowned name in the world of automotive components, is an honour,” says Jon Philpott of EFD Induction UK. “But being selected for such a challenging application adds to the sense of achievement.”

Peter Runeborg, Head of welder sales 

Peter Runeborg, head of welder sales at EFD Induction, with one of the new low-power Weldac welders that will be on show at Tube Düsseldorf, March 26-30 (hall 06, stand C 26).

Seam normalizing experts

Visitors to the EFD Induction stand will also have a chance to learn more about the company’s existing higher-power Weldac range. There will also be experts on hand to explain the commercial and technical benefits of EFD Induction’s seam normalizing solutions. “We have made key advances in simulation modelling and coil design for weld zone normalizing,” says Runeborg. “These breakthroughs let us minimize the length of normalizing lines. They also let us pinpoint alloy- and gauge-specific heating and cooling zones—critical when designing normalizing solutions for the new generation of pipe being used by the oil and gas industries.”

EFD Induction will also be demonstrating one of its compact Minac induction heating systems at Tube Düsseldorf. “The Minac range,” says Runeborg, “can heat practically any electrically conductive material: copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, brass, etc. It can also be used with a wide variety of coils—even one-off customized coils. This flexibility, together with integrated output matching (a feature standard to all Minacs), makes Minac ideal for a wide range of applications: brazing, shrink fitting, hardening, curing, straightening, heat treatment, etc.”