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Scarfing systems and welding consumables

Learn about Canticut scarfing systems from Electronic Heating Equipment and Duratrim scarfing system from Superior Technologies. 



Canticut scarfing system

30% less power consumption

Canticut is Electronic Heating Equipment’s (EHE) innovative ID scarfing system, the unique design enables the impeders to be fully integrated into the ID mandrel. This innovation can reduce weld power consumption by up to 30 percent compared with other ID scarfing methods. Moreover, supporting the scarfing tool on a cantilever removes the need for internal rolls. This key feature ensures that the mandrel covers a wide range of tube sizes and eliminates the problem of rolling weld spume or other debris into the tube wall. A Canticut unit can ID scarf pipe sizes ranging from 4.5"-26" O.D. using only two mandrels.


Canticut scarfing system


Canticut ID scarfing systems with cantilevered mandrel technology for 4.5”-26” OD pipe.


Canticut ID scarfing systems are used by many of the world’s leading tube and pipe producers. Due to its ability to meet the critical demands for energy efficient production, Canticut ID scarfing systems are considered the “gold standard” for tube, pipe and casing manufacturing.

Recent improvements include a hydraulically actuated bead chopper to cut the stinger into manageable lengths for easy removal from the pipe. The use of newer high strength alloys results in mandrels with increased rigidity and strength, while reducing weight and allowing more space to be used for impeders.  The heavily fabricated mounting stand is now available with position sensors including outputs to PLC/HDMI for precise repeatability, and to efficiently optimize set up time.

Interchangeable tool holders and bead chopping heads greatly reduce mill down-time and permit the use of a wide variety of cutting tool styles to suit different grades of material as well as user preferences.


ID Scarfing

The ID scarfing for small pipes has unmatched impeder integration.


OD tools and inserts

OD tools and inserts with long-life CVD-coated carbide.


More than scarfing

In addition to the famous range of Canticut scarfing systems Electronic Heating Equipment (EHE) has for years been one of the world’s largest suppliers of impeders and impeder clusters for induction welders. EHE also supply premium-quality ferrite that has been specially manufactured to the highest standards, as well as an exhaustive range of off-the-shelf and custom-built coils.

Impeders and impeder clusters

EHE manufactures and stocks the world’s largest range of impeders, ranging in size from 5mm to over 200 mm in diameter and in lengths up to 1500 mm. Impeders are available with several types of outer casings, including high temperature Epoxy/glass, Silglass™ and Ferroglass™. The range of impeders include through-flow impeders, return-flow impeders, impeder support systems, integral mandrel impeders, hollow impeders, rectangular impeders for large mills, impeder clusters as well as custom impeders for special applications.

Induction welding coils

Good coil design is essential to achieve the high efficiency offered by solid-state welders. EHE coils are available in a wide range of types to suit all kinds of induction welding equipment. All coils are fabricated from 99.9 percent pure, oxygen-free, high conductivity copper, with silver brazed joints and advanced cooling systems. Some larger coils use spray cooling, which reduces the risk of ‘hot spots’.

High-performance impeder ferrites

Ferrite is the most critical component in an impeder. Some manufacturers use a cheap grade designed for use in portable radios, not for the high power densities and temperatures in tube welding. EHE ferrite is specially made to our stringent specifications, and offers the following advantages over inferior types:

  • Lower losses
  • Higher saturation flux density
  • Higher Curie temperature

EHE ferrite needs less than half the cooling time of other types. This means the impeder operates at a lower temperature, greatly increasing its working life. This in turn means fewer impeder changes and less mill downtime.

Contact us today and learn more about our tube scarfing systems and solutions for high-frequency tube welding.


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Duratrim edge scarfing equipment


Increase yield and weld quality

Duratrim edge scarfing equipment from STE is a unique system for welded tube mills, it enables the manufacturer to trim and clean the steel coil edges as it enters the tube mill prior to the forming station.


Commercially slit coils can have often have as much as 35% of their edges that are not cut cleanly; this can be due to many factors such as bad practices, poor quality material and badly worn tooling. The result of this is that edge presentation at the welding point will be poor and welding heat has to be increased to ‘melt’ more material, excessive ‘squeeze pressure’ also has to be applied to avoid defects.


These issues will increase material and energy costs as well as creating an excessively large inside /outside welding flash that then has to be removed.


The Duratrim edge scarfing system removes these problems and trims the strip edges at the required rate thus ensuring clean and parallel faces meet together at the welding station.

This process helps you realise significant benefits:

  • Reduced welding energy
  • Consistent homogenous weld integrity
  • Reduced strip width /costs
  • Ability to weld more challenging materials
  • Reduced rejects
  • Less OD /ID welding flash (bead)
  • Less ‘splatter’ from weld zone
  • Consistent strip width leading to fewer rejects
  • Unit runs ‘dry’ without emulsion
  • Increased life of Impedors and OD /ID scarfing tools
  • Increased yield
  • Correct all slitting problems



Duratrim is a simple but effective design with one of the most unique methods of shaving the strip edges. This is due to the ‘floating’ design of the scarfing assemblies which allow the unit to follow the path of the steel strip whilst maintain positive contact pressure on the scarfing inserts.


The system utilises 4 x sets of special scarfing inserts which remove material from the strip edges, top and bottom. The inserts are supported and kept in position by pneumatic cylinders (8 in total), the pressure of which is adjustable enabling different amounts of material to be removed. All sets of inserts are mounted on a floating mechanism ensuring constant material removal even with movements in the strip.


Duratrim Scarfing system


The Duratrim edge scarfing equipment increases yield and weld quality.



High Frequency Welding Consumables

STE offers a comprehensive range of welding consumable including ferrite cores, impeders, induction coils and OD/ID scarfing inserts.


Scarfing inserts

A full range of hard metal (carbide) OD scarfing inserts and tool holders are available from STE. This includes 15mm, 19mm and 25mm inserts together with dedicated tool holders and tool holder spares. STE work closely with a reputable and long established carbide manufacturer in supplying the inserts, this means every time you get guaranteed repeatable scarfing performance.



STE offer a huge range of impedors for welded tubes from 10mm to 660mm diameter. All STE Impedors utilise high efficiency ferrite cores ensuring sustained performance under harsh operating conditions. Whether you require standard through flow impedors, return flow, inside scarfing, small diameter, large diameter, ID coating, complex profiles or a completely dry welded tube STE have a solution.



Impedors casing

STE standard high temperature epoxy casings are available from 7mm diameter upwards, these impedor casings are available in standard lengths of 1200mm or even cut to specific dimensions to suit specific impedor construction. STE also offer Silicone glass casings and our recently launched ‘Weld-Guard’ casings with a special PTFE low friction coating to prevent material sticking to the impedor outside surface.


Induction coils

STE offers high quality induction coils for any kind of HF generator, from small tubular coils through medium size banded coils to very large diameter single turn flange coils. All coils are manufactured from high conductivity oxygen free copper material with plated contact surfaces to reduce resistance and save energy. STE have excellent inductor solutions for ‘welded in shape’ profiles to reduce the range of inductors required for the mill. In addition we can supply coil holders and output weld leads.


Ferrite cores

STE is the exclusive distributor of high performance HR4B ferrite cores. These cores were developed to exceed the specification of long standing industry leading ferrites. They have been extensively tested and proven in true HF welding conditions and are now used by many of Europe’s leading pipe & tube manufacturers. HR4B cores are available from 4mm diameter all the way up to 102mm, with more than 200 different sizes there is no comparable product available in the worldwide market.



With almost 25 year’s tube welding process experience we are able to offer your business advice and consulting where required. This includes technical teaching workshops for personnel and full evaluations on your welding process with the objective of saving your business money. STE also offer a number of maintenance products for HF welders. Contact us today and learn more about our tube scarfing systems and welding consumables.


Induction coils, impeders, ferrites

STE stocks a comprehensive range of ferrite cores impeders, induction coils and OD/ID scarfing inserts.



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