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Record-breaking weekly sales of Induction Welders

The second week in March has been exceptionally good for EFD Induction welder sales. The company has sold no less than eight Weldac solid-state welders, breaking their previous record of six welders in one week.

“Two of the Weldacs were sold to customers in the US while six were sold to Europe”, says Global Sales Director for Tube and Pipe, Peter Runeborg.

Weldac is EFD Induction’s family of high-output, solid-state tube and pipe welders. The Weldac family covers a wide range of power sizes; from 50 kW up to 2200 kW and a frequency range of 90-500 kHz. EFD Induction can provide up to 1100 kW in a single cabinet welder.

The Weldacs that were sold this week vary in size from 200 to 650 kW, all single cabinet solutions.

As if breaking the sales record wasn’t enough, Runeborg is in fact anticipating even more contracts signed over the weekend.

“The week isn’t over yet and we are actually about to close the deal on two more welders”, he says.

EFD Induction has the most comprehensive range of solutions for the tube and pipe industry and offers a full range of consumables including coils, ferrite, impeders and tube scarfing equipment.