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Repeat brazing equipment order from France’s Jeumont Electric

Jeumont Electric, the France-based specialist in power generation and conversion technologies, recently took delivery of an EFD Induction Minac 18/25 Twin induction heating system. The Minac is being employed to wind large two- and four- pole rotors. Two teams use the Minac to simultaneously braze conductors that are up to eight meters apart from one another.



“The order,” says Olivier Feraud of EFD Induction France, “came about because of Jeumont Electric’s previous positive experience with one of our Minac systems. So when it came to acquiring another mobile induction heating solution, Jeumont Electric knew who to turn to.”  


The Minac 18/25 Twin is a compact induction heater that features two independent power outputs. “This means,” says Feraud, “that a single mobile heater weighing less than 80 kilos can perform two completely separate heating operations simultaneously.”  


Another factor that makes the Minac popular with companies such as Jeumont Electric is the system’s versatility. “The Minac,” explains Feraud, “can handle a wide range of applications on practically any electrically conductive material. So the same system can be used to braze, shrink fit, straighten, cure and heat treat.”    


A member of the Altawest Group, Jeumont Electric builds and maintains a wide range of generators and motors (synchronous and asynchronous), control systems and converters. The company is mainly active in the electric power plant, marine and process industries.