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New EFD Induction subsidiary in Japan

SKIEN, NORWAY - 5/3/10. EFD Induction, one of the world’s largest industrial induction heating companies, has opened a new, wholly-owned subsidiary in Japan. The subsidiary, formally known as EFD Induction K.K., is located in Yokohama and is headed by managing director Tetsuro Yanagawa.


EFD Induction’s background in Japan goes back to the 1985 sale of a Minac system to Toyo Electric in Yokohama. To date, more than 150 EFD Induction equipment systems have been sold to Japanese customers.  


Commenting on the opening of the new subsidiary, Yanagawa says: “Japan is a challenging market for foreign companies. Language and cultural factors—as well as concerns about the availability of after-sales support—make many potential buyers wary of purchasing from non-Japanese partners. Despite this, EFD Induction has succeeded in winning the trust of some key players in Japanese industry. For example, nearly all the traction motors in Japan’s Shinkansen high-speed trains—the famous ‘bullet’ trains—were brazed with EFD Induction Minacs.”  


According to EFD Induction CEO Eivin Jørgensen, the establishment of a Japanese subsidiary will help leverage the company’s current position and reputation in order to expand in new segments. He continues: “A permanent presence in Japan can also serve as a gateway to other Asian markets. Naturally, I’m keen that more Japanese companies gain the cost and quality benefits associated with EFD Induction solutions.”