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Politicians praise induction innovation

As part of a “Techno Tour” to learn about the success of various Norwegian high-tech companies, Minister of Local Government and Modernisation, Jan Tore Sanner, paid a visit to EFD Induction. 

Naturally, EFD Induction was delighted to welcome Sanner and his team. For his part, the minister was enthusiastic about the power of innovation demonstrated by EFD Induction.

Jan Tore Sanner

GETTING READY: Jan Tore Sanner, Minister of Local Government and Modernisation, is ready to push the trigger and start heating. In seconds, the metal bar went cherry red. Karl Biørn, Supervisor / Appl. Lab at EFD Induction Norway make sure everything is done safely and correctly. The rest of the group follows the process with interest. From left: Bjørn E. Petersen CEO EFD Induction Group, Head of the Local Conservative Party (Telemark Høyre) Gunn Marit Helgesen and Member of Parliament Solveig Sundbø Abrahamsen.


"I’m really surprised by the speed and accuracy of induction" said Jan Tore Sanner, as he got some hands-on experience of the technology.


During the visit to EFD Induction he got the opportunity to try the efficiency of induction and heated a metal bar cherry red in just a few seconds.


"Most of all I’m impressed with the company’s high level of competence and the ability of innovation", said Sanner. "It is great to see how EFD Induction has figured out how to use this amazing technology for practically any industrial heating application. I’m thrilled to see that a company founded by three bold engineers in Skien, Norway has grown to be a truly global player."


Jan Tore Sanner

EDUCATING FOR SUCCESS: Jan Tore Sanner (right) liked to hear that EFD Induction every year educates new apprentices and let young people get experience by offering summer jobs. Here talking to Joachim Eriksen who is happy to work for EFD Induction during the summer.


Jan Tore Sanner is a Norwegian politician for the Conservative Party and has been Minister of Local Government since 2013. Sanner holds the Minister position in the coalition government led by Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Accompanying Sanner were Political Advisor Rikke H. Sjøberg, Member of Parliament Solveig Sundbø Abrahamsen, Head of the Local Conservative Party (Telemark Høyre) Gunn Marit Helgesen and County Secretary Ole Espen Strand.


Sanner praised the products and services offered by EFD Induction as impressive, whilst Tore Thorsteinsen, Managing Director EFD Induction, Norway, explained these to him during a company tour.


"I’m proud to see that our efforts are recognized by our politicians", says Thorsteinsen. "In an increasingly competitive environment, it is important that politicians do whatever they can to stimulate global trade."


Jan Tore Sanner

HICH-TECH PRODUCTS: Tore Thorsteinsen (left), Managing Director EFD Induction, Norway explains the complexity of building induction heating machines.  The visiting team was duly impressed.