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Haier Group buys brazing system

EFD Induction has sold five Minac 12/18 Twin induction heating systems to the Haier Group, the world’s largest freezer and refrigerator manufacturer.



The Haier Group will use the Minacs for brazing copper and steel pipes in freezers and refrigerators. The EFD Induction equipment features hand held transformers (HHT) that allow the induction heating coil (heat source) to be brought directly to the braze joints, as opposed to traditional, fixed induction equipment. Operator convenience is enhanced by sturdy hand grips and a removable support wire.


Due to the use of IGBT transistor technology and innovative engineering, Minac induction power units are compact and take up much less floor space than traditional induction heating equipment.


The Minac comes in twin-output models that provide two separate heating outputs that can be used independently at the same time. Full unit output power can be provided to each output. This option reduces equipment costs and the amount of plant floor space required.


Custom-made induction coils  

The order also includes coils and process control. The coils vary depending on the pipes. Correctly designed and built induction coils are absolutely critical for successful, cost-effective induction heating. Designing and testing coils is often the process with the longest lead time when devising an induction heating solution. EFD Induction coils are designed to achieve specific results on specific materials under specific conditions.


Minac 18/25 Twin

Haier Group buys five EFD Induction Minac systems for brazing of refrigerator parts.