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Bulgarian tube maker HUS chooses EFD Induction Weldacs

HUS, the Bulgaria-based steel and tube maker, has ordered four complete ‘Weldac’ induction welding systems from EFD Induction.

The systems will be installed in HUS’s new manufacturing facility in the city of Lom in northern Bulgaria, which has a planned monthly output of 12,000 metric tonnes.

"After carefully examining various suppliers, we were finally convinced by the proven ability of the Weldac to reduce operating costs while delivering outstanding throughput," says HUS Export Director Dimitar Milenkov. "Also, the fact that EFD Induction is present throughout Europe, including having a major factory in Romania, means we have considerable after-sales support on our doorstep.

"The four Weldac systems ordered by HUS range in power from 125 to 450 kW. Each welder features impeders from Electronic Heating Equipment (EHE), the US impeder specialist acquired by EFD Induction in 2012. "The inclusion of the EHE impeders is important," says Matthias Gruber, Managing Director of EFD Induction Austria, who was one of the team that secured the order. "It shows how we can supply complete induction welding solutions that are customized to specific customer needs.

"HUS’s new factory in Lom, together with the four new Weldac welders, make the company one of Bulgaria’s largest tube and pipe companies. "We already export,particularly to customers in the Balkans and Eastern Europe," says Milenkov. "However, we aim to export much more to other markets, especially after our acquisition of Kloeckner Bulgaria earlier this year. In fact,all the tube and pipe welded by the new EFD Induction Weldacs will be sold to customers in Central and Western Europe.
 Werner Herbst of EFD Induction (l.) and Dimitar Milenkov, HUS Export Director,

Werner Herbst of EFD Induction
(l.) and Dimitar Milenkov, HUS
Export Director, pictured together
at the recent International Technical
Fair in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

”Two of the four Weldacs have already been shipped to HUS. "The schedule is for the remaining two to be completed at an EFD Induction production facility in Norway and shipped to us by the end of October,"saysMilenkov. "So we’re very busy preparing our factory and setting up the lines. I mean, the arrival of one brand new Weldac is an event, but four in the space of a few weeks...it’s certainly a major turning point, not just for HUS, but for the entire Bulgarian tube and pipe industry."