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EFD Induction expands welder service capabilities

SKIEN, NORWAY 8/8/05 — EFD Induction announce the hiring of Graeme Mitchell to our service department. Graeme has spent many years in the induction welder service industry including 8 years with Thermatool UK and another 5 years with Ridgewood Electric, Canada.


Graeme was responsible for commissioning and servicing hundreds of induction welder installations using both vacuum tube and solid-state generators. Graeme brings a wealth of tube and pipe welding knowledge and is a welcome addition to our staff.


EFD Induction is Europe's No. 1 supplier of induction heat solutions, has been a forerunner in solid-state induction technology since the early 1980s, when it developed and commercialized some of the world's first transistorized systems. The company's Weldac welders (also known as "ELVA welders") became a major success in the Tube & Pipe industry, with nearly two hundred systems installed to date. The EFD Induction group consists of 14 companies in eight European countries, the US, China, and India. The parent company of the group is located in Skien, Norway.