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Giant tube and pipe maker orders a giant induction welder

EFD Induction, one of the world’s leading suppliers of solid-state welders reports a significant delivery of a 1800 kW/300 kHz welder to a major tube and pipe manufacturer.


“It’s great news,” says Peter Runeborg, head of sales at EFD Induction operations in Norway, “The order is from an extremely large and well-known name in the global tube manufacturing industry. We are proud that they selected EFD Induction as a partner to supply a large induction welder.” 



The news is even more significant in light of the nature of the welder. Runeborg explains: “In terms of physical size, the welder we built is the largest ever constructed by EFD Induction. We’ve previously built several welders of similar power output. But as for dimensions, this is the clear winner. The welder is an 1800 kW welder for large pipes, heavy-wall products.