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Norwegian state backs EFD Induction Romania

EFD Induction Romania, a wholly owned subsidiary of the EFD Induction Group, has been awarded a € .5 million grant by the Norway Grants programme.

The grant—which is administered by Innovation Norway, a state body responsible for promoting Norwegian industry and trade worldwide—is to support the company’s development and manufacture of energy-efficient industrial induction heating systems.“This is another important milestone in the growth of EFD Induction Romania,” comments EFD Induction Group CEO Bjørn Eldar Petersen. “The financial contribution is of course noteworthy. But just as important, the award is a major vote of confidence in our efforts to expand our operations in Romania. We opened a 3,300m2 manufacturing facility in Vidra, in the south of Bucharest, in 2011, and it is becoming a critical manufacturing hub for us.This grant will be invested in training our Romanian employees, especially in the areas of ITC and management and administration.

”The Vidra plant currently employs 65, and according to EFD Induction Managing Director Stefan Miskovits, is on track to triple its output of heating equipment by 2016 as compared to 2012. “As the Vidra facility grows in importance as a manufacturing centre,” says Miskovits, “it is essential that it remains seamlessly integrated within the global operations of the EFD Induction Group. 

The Norway Grants award will help strengthen our CRM and ERP capabilities, which in turn will help us keep pace with Europe’s growing demand for energy-efficient induction heating.”Norway Grants is a part of EEA Grants, a grants distribution programme through which Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein support economic and social development in European Union (EU) member states. Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein are not themselves EU members, but participate in the EU under the provisions of the European Economic Area agreement. The award made to EFD Induction is part of a Norway Grants programme called Green Industry Innovation, an initiative aimed at nurturing environmentally responsible development. For the period 2009-2014, the EEA and Norway Grants provided € 1.8 billion to 16 EU countries.

EFD Induction Romania

A scene from the opening in 2011 of EFD Induction's 3,300m2 manufacturing facility in Vidra, in the south of Bucharest.