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EFD Induction lands major Indian welder order

SKIEN, NORWAY. The global rebound in demand for industrial induction heating systems has resulted in several major new orders for EFD Induction’s popular solid-state Weldac welders.


Growth in demand has been particularly strong in Asia, with significant orders coming from tube and pipe makers in China and India.  


 “The tube and pipe industry is certainly back on its feet, at least in Asia,” says Peter Runeborg, head of EFD Induction’s tube and pipe division. “For instance, we’ve just received confirmation on a large order from Bhushan Steel Limited in India. The customer—which is India’s third largest secondary steel producer—already had a Weldac on order. But to fit their expanded production plans, Bhushan wanted to rebuild the Weldac to a dual frequency system. The same customer has also just ordered an additional Weldac, as well as three of our seam normalizing units.”  


Weldac is EFD Induction’s family of high-output solid-state welders. EFD Induction’s patented driver technology lets Weldacs use rugged IGBT transistors, resulting in unrivalled uptime and productivity. “Weldac’s reliability, together with benefits such as a constant power factor of 0.95 at all power levels and ease-of-use, are what help make Weldac such a popular choice for tube and pipe makers,” adds Runeborg.    


But Runeborg is keen to add that outstanding equipment is only part of the reason behind the upswing in demand for Weldac. “Customers want local support at short notice. And since we have a manufacturing facility in India, complete with highly trained staff, we offer the services and training that ensure our customers can maximise the value of their Weldac systems.”