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EFD Induction is supplying the biggest induction welding equipment ever

SKIEN, NORWAY. EFD Induction is Europe’s No. 1 – and the world’s no. 2 - supplier of industrial heat solutions based on induction technology. EFD Induction supplied a 1800 kW WELDAC G2 for the customer SAFA in October. During the factory acceptance test (FAT) this equipment was tested at 1918 kW/100 kHz into calorimetric load. This is the first delivery of a welder above 1 megawatt based on the new patented IGBT technology.


"This is the evidence that this patented technology fulfills the specs at all power sizes" says MD Inggard Torvik. "This also express the EFD stronghold on high power welders based on experience from 20 welders at higher power than 800 kW". The new IGBT technology is also used on small single cabinet welders ranging from 150 kW/300 kHz. 


EFD Induction has already got an order for the next 1800 kW WELDAC G2 equipment which will be installed at Baoshan Steel in Shanghai, China. Together with these welders EFD Induction is also supplying complete seam annealing equipment with orbital seam tracking and temperature supervision.