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Visit us at FABTECH, 6-9 November in Chicago, USA. Booth B13083.

EFD Induction is proud to introduce the world’s first 1000kW single-cabinet induction welder – an unmatched power-to-volume ratio. The new Weldac 1000 kW offers less power consumption, better weld quality and easier operation.

Weldac 1000 kW

Come and see the world's most compact 1000 kW welder. Visit us at Fabtech, booth: B13083

EFD Induction has always been at the forefront in developing equipment with the best power-to-volume ratio. With the introduction of Weldac 400-1000 kW, we can now offer up to 1000 kW in a single-cabinet solution.

A solid-state revolution
Weldac is EFD Induction’s family of high-output, solid-state tube and pipe welders. It is a proven solution for welding low-carbon high-strength steel, stainless steel and aluminium. The Weldac builds upon our unrivalled process and applications knowledge and decades of international experience in solving even the toughest welding challenges. The Weldac covers a wide range of power sizes: From 50 kW low-power welders up to 2200 kW high-power welders. Naturally, all Weldac systems are backed by EFD Induction’s worldwide service and support program.

Weldac 1000 kW - Tube and pipe welding

Peter Runeborg, Global Sales Director Tube & Pipe, is proud to introduce the world's first 1000 kW single-cabinet welder. The new Weldac 1000 kW offers less power consumption, better weld quality and easier operation.

Do more with less
Modular design makes Weldac 1000 kW compact, saving valuable floor space and simplifying in-line integration and retrofitting. A 34% smaller footprint from our previous design, makes it easy to install and maintain. Faster installation results in reduced installation costs and retrofit downtime as well as reduced delivery time on higher power. Running costs are also lower due to low power consumption.

So-called “harmonic distortion” is a growing concern, because the proliferation of non-linear loads causes disturbances that impair equipment performance and affect total voltage supply. A 12-pulse rectifier reduces this by 50%, resulting in a more even temperature and a better weld quality. The Weldac offers high total efficiency measured from the mains inlet to the weld coil. In combination with the 12-pulse rectifier, this minimises power and cooling-water consumption. The Weldac 1000 kW has longer coil lifetime, resulting in minimal scrap and re-working of material. This further strengthens EFD Induction’s eco-friendly welding policy.

Weldac 1000 kW - Tube and pipe welding

The Weldac 1000 kW is extremely easy to operate, with a minimum of manual settings. Operation is via an easy-to-use control panel. Minimal operator intervention results in fewer operator errors and, consequently, increased throughput and efficiency.

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