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EFD Induction lands major brazing orders from India-based multinationals

EFD Induction, one of the world’s leading makers and suppliers of industrial heating solutions based on induction technology, is reporting a significant series of orders from multinational companies operating in India

 Mahesh Gupta  
Mahesh Gupta, Marketing
Director at EFD Induction India.

“It’s great news,” reports Mahesh Gupta, Marketing Director at EFD Induction India. “The orders are from two extremely large and well-known names in the global tool manufacturing and power generation and distribution sectors. The orders are for various brazing applications, and include power sources and customized brazing machines.” 

 EFD Induction India has grown rapidly since its launch in 1995, and currently employs 215. Its main manufacturing facility is located just outside Bangalore in the southwest of the country. Growing demands for energy efficiency, higher throughput and minimal environmental impact are helping to drive the adoption of induction heating throughout India. 

 The latest brazing orders are for a variety of EFD Induction’s ‘Minac’ and ‘Sinac’ systems. Minac is a compact, mobile system that is widely used worldwide for a wide variety of heating tasks. The Sinac is Minac’s stationary counterpart. Both systems come in a broad range of output powers, but each boasts automatic electronic output matching, robot compatibility, and is backed by EFD Induction’s global after-sales maintenance and parts programs.

 “Induction heating,” comments Gupta in conclusion, “is ideal for brazing, as it ensures rapid, consistent and localized heating. And unlike brazing with naked flames, induction is clean, comfortable and easy to integrate into complex production chains. So it’s really not surprising that we’re seeing such a surge in its use across the sub-continent.”