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Japanese manufacturing giant orders ‘Minac’ induction heating systems

One of Japan’s largest manufacturing multinationals has recently ordered two EFD Induction ‘Minac’ mobile induction heating systems

Tetsuro Yanagawa   
Tetsuro Yanagawa, Managing
Director of EFD Induction Japan
The systems will be installed at a facility in Japan, and used for brazing generator stator bars and windings. According to Tetsuro Yanagawa, head of EFD Induction Japan, the orders underline the trust and confidence Japan’s notoriously choosy manufacturers have in EFD Induction products and services.

“Japanese firms, including many of the country’s largest industrial concerns, are wary of buying capital equipment from overseas. Such companies often cite quality concerns, as well as worries about long-term after-sales support. So winning this order is a real vote of confidence in our solutions, and our Asian maintenance and parts programs.” 

EFD Induction has long been active in Japan, and has supplied induction heating systems that were used to help build the country’s famous ‘bullet’ trains. EFD Induction has also sold its ‘Terac’ deck-straightening systems to Japanese shipbuilders, and recently notched a major order from the country’s leading automotive bearing maker. The Minac systems included in the recent Japanese order are compact, mobile induction heating systems. Automatic electronic matching, robot compatibility and user-friendly controls are some of the features that make the Minac suitable for practically any industrial heating task.   

 “Of course, equipment is only a part of any long-term solution. So our customers in Japan are reassured when they learn of our strong presence in Asia,” says Yanagawa. “This presence includes several major manufacturing plants in China and India, as well as a network of sales and service offices right across the continent.” 

Minac 18/25 Twin

Minac - mobile induction heating systems