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Pre-heating of stabilizer bar ends

The next time you watch a Formula One race on TV, you can be sure that most of the cars on the track are equipped with suspension springs from Eibach. In fact, wherever high-performance vehicles have to endure extreme conditions, chances are many of them will be fitted with Eibach suspension solutions.


competitive environments


Eibach suspension systems are widely used in the toughest competitive environments. An EFD Induction Sinac heater and coils are being used to pre-heat stabilizer bar ends prior to forging.


It was a particularly proud day when EFD Induction heard they had been selected to provide a Sinac induction heater and coils for renowned suspension makers Eibach. The Sinac has been bought by Schneider Maschinenbau of Lennestadt, Germany, who will incorporate it into an automated, high volume system for pre-heating stabilizer bar ends prior to forging.


Commenting on the project, Jürgen Schulte, Managing Director of Engineering and Operations at Eibach Germany, said: “I’m proud to work with EFD Induction on this important project. After all, state-ofthe- art manufacturing technology is a cornerstone of our global reputation for quality. So we are extremely selectively about who we work with, but both Schneider and EFD Induction were able to meet our tough demands.”


The solution developed by Schneider and EFD Induction features a Sinac 50/80 capable of pre-heating Eibach’s extensive range of solid and tubular stabilizer bars. Only two induction coils are needed to cover the entire range.


Eibach, which is headquartered in Finnentrop in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, is a worldrenowned designer and manufacturer of suspension springs, valve springs, stabilizer bars and suspen - sion systems. Although famous for its involvement in motorsports, the company is also a major supplier for mass produced car models.