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New agent in Canada

EFD Induction has appointed Synergetic Technologies Inc. its agent in Canada. Based in Oakville, just outside Toronto, Synergetic Technologies has been supplying Canada’s manufacturers and researchers with process and furnace heating solutions for more than a quarter of a century.


Gunnar Poschmann, Synergetic Technologies Inc.   Gunnar Poschmann of Synergetic Technologies Inc.  


Synergetic Technologies will act as agent for all EFD Induction equipment, with the exception of its Weldac induction welding systems.


“Canada is an increasingly important market for us,” says EFD Induction marketing head Johan Larsen. “There is a strong existing manufacturing base, but the country is also home to a vibrant R&D sector—ideal customers for our proven, technically advanced heating solutions. So we’re extremely pleased to have such a well respected and established company as Synergetic Technologies for our agent. They know their market, and they’re specialists in industrial heating.”


Synergetic was founded and continues to be run by Gunnar Poschmann. Commenting on the appointment, Poschmann says: “I’m of course really looking forward to working with EFD Induction, and to finding new projects and applications for their expertise and equipment in Canada.”


EFD Induction is no stranger to the Canadian market. At the beginning of 2008 EFD Induction acquired a 49 per cent stake in Tekna Plasma Systems Inc. Based in Montreal, the company specializes in developing plasma systems and solutions for nanopowder synthesis, plasma spray coating and powder spheroidization.