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EFD Induction boosts welding frequency up to 500 kHz with IGBT transistors

Nearly 10 years of successful use of the patented switching technology has proven the reliability of EFD Induction’s Weldac IGBT welder. Refinement of existing technology has improved and extended the use of readily available, reliable and standard IGBT transistors up to 500 kHz.



The improvements have led to even lower stress and power loss in the transistors and the inverter module across the whole frequency range used for tube and pipe welding.


In fact, the Weldac has proven so reliable, EFD Induction warrants the welders’ IGBT inverter modules and driver cards for a total of five years of operation.


 Output current during testing

Picture showing output current during testing of the Weldac



Short circuit testing

Picture showing short circuit testing of the equipment at 513 kHz