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How to remove electrical insulation varnish from copper lead bundles

Have you ever heard of cleaning with induction heating? The transformer manufacturing industry has, and is using EFD Induction equipment to remove electrical insulation varnish from copper lead bundles. EFD Induction's Tom Brown reports from the USA.

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Commonly called 'cleaning' in the transformer industry, the removal of insulation varnish has traditionally been done with gas torches or brushes. But transformer manufacturers are now discovering the cost and quality benefits of induction heating, especially the benefits of EFD Induction Minac units equipped with handheld induction coils. Minac's hand-held transformers and coils let operators easily heat copper leads at the transformer assembly point. In other words, Minac brings the heat to the transformer windings------a much more practical (and cost-effective) solution than bringing the winding to a stationary induction system.


Minac is superior to traditional cleaning methods in two key areas: heat delivery accuracy and process times. Let's consider heat delivery precision. As is well known, induction is a contact-free and extremely accurate heating method. Ramp up times, precise temperatures and hold times can be set in advance. The heat is generated within the material itself in very specific areas. This, of course, minimizes the risk of unwanted heat transfer to adjacent  areas and materials.


Then there is induction's superior process speed. Conventional mechanical cleaning such as brushing typically cleans only one lead at a time. Moreover, brushing is abrasive, leading to loss of base material. Induction on the other hand easily cleans entire bundles of leads in one go------and without damaging base materials. With induction, considerably less time and labor is needed to ready copper leads for brazing and/or lug crimping.


The benefits of induction heating don't end with cleaning. Minac, for instance, is incredibly versatile. Simply swap coils, and Minac is ready to take on most brazing jobs. For example, Minac can braze the previously cleaned leads to copper bus work. Induction heating is of course flameless, making it safe and comfortable to work with. Neither does induction need additional consumables----- - apart from the quenching solution----- -whereas torch heating requires a gas supply. In short, induction heating is unrivaled as a means to cost-effectively achieve high quality cleaned and brazed copper components for large electrical transformers. But don't take our word for it. Contact EFD Induction today and let us show you how our systems can boost your productivity.