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Simultaneous frequencies on a single coil

The history of simultaneous frequencies on a single coil goes back to the late forties. But the full potential of the technology remained untapped until EFD Induction patented its ‘Multi Frequency Concept’ (MFC).

Multi Frequency Concept

The breakthrough made it possible to use solid-state power supplies equipped with rugged IGBT transistors in full bridge circuits. Such serial compensated power supply ensures automatic matching during the simultaneous delivery of two different frequency ranges to the same induction coil. This then means that the system always operates at optimum output power.

EFD Induction’s MFC is particularly suitable for the contour hardening of complex pieces such as gears. An exact mix of high- and medium-frequency power results in perfect heating profiles for even the most complex geometries. The frequency ‘blend’ is adjusted locally through a microprocessor control system, or remotely through the machine’s PLC/CNC system. MFC technology can also be profitably used for quality brazing jobs requiring speedy ramp-up times and variable heating patterns. MFC is available with EFD Induction Sinac heat generators. These generators offer constant mains cos ϕ and high efficiency, thus minimizing power and water consumption.