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EFD Induction induction curing systems

They say that Rome wasn't built in a day, but of course, it was worth the wait! Well, a similar story can be told about the efforts of Stefano Migliavacca and his colleagues at EFD Induction’s Monza office to bring EFD Induction state-of-the-art induction curing systems into the Italian automotive market.


EFD Induction is celebrating. And for good reason: FIAT recently commissioned its first Flex-Coil bonding systems for the closures on the new "Grande Punto" being built in its picturesquely situated plant of Melfi in southern Italy. Says Mark Wells, EFD Induction’s Product Manager for Bonding Systems: "We are so pleased to add the name of FIAT to our list of bonding system customers. FIAT has a proud heritage and as one of the prominent names in the automotive world has been a target client of ours for some time. It's testament to Stefano's hard work to spread the EFD Induction message amongst FIAT and its Tier 1 suppliers that we have arrived at this milestone.

"Induction curing is not new to FIAT but in an age when automotive OEMs are continually striving for better quality and value it's the first time they have specified equipment not manufactured locally. firmly believe that they chose EFD Induction not only because of our superior technology and process know-how, but because our local support is so strong."

Wells continues, "We know that we haven't ‘built Rome’ yet, but now we have the foundations to build upon. And based on the results so far of hard work and customer support, I'm more than hopeful that this is the beginning of a very productive relationship."