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What role has induction technology played in the promotion of green wind power?
Oil crisis… energy crunch… global warming. All of us are aware of the need to find sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. One of the most promising alternatives is wind. It’s clean, it’s free, and supplies are unlimited. There’s just one problem. How can we harvest it? EFD Induction explains how modern technology extracts energy from the skies—and what EFD Induction is doing to help it.

How to remove electrical insulation varnish from copper lead bundles
Have you ever heard of cleaning with induction heating? The transformer manufacturing industry has, and is using EFD Induction equipment to remove electrical insulation varnish from copper lead bundles. EFD Induction's Tom Brown reports from the USA.

John Deere buys crankshaft hardening system from EFD Induction
When the world’s largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment decides to invest in production upgrades, you can be sure it chooses the best solutions on offer. Jean- Pierre del Gobbo has the details on why John Deere selected a crankshaft hardening system from EFD Induction France.

Induction brazing of air conditioning systems
What have Augusta of Italy, Stork Fokker of the Netherlands and Eurocopter of France and Germany in common? NHIndustries, the joint venture that makes the revolutionary NH90 helicopter. And guess which heating technology they insist upon for the helicopter’s air conditioning assembly?

Induction heaters for heating the stubs on anode rods
A cleaner, safer, more comfortable working environment is a more productive, more profitable working environment. Everyone knows this. But not everyone realizes the contribution made by induction technology to better working conditions. Thorleif Steinmoen of EFD Induction Norway reports on how induction heating helped improve operations at Europe’s largest aluminum plant.

Simultaneous frequencies on a single coil
The history of simultaneous frequencies on a single coil goes back to the late forties. But the full potential of the technology remained untapped until EFD Induction patented its ‘Multi Frequency Concept’ (MFC).

EFD Induction induction curing systems
They say that Rome wasn't built in a day, but of course, it was worth the wait! Well, a similar story can be told about the efforts of Stefano Migliavacca and his colleagues at EFD Induction’s Monza office to bring EFD Induction state-of-the-art induction curing systems into the Italian automotive market.

Baoshan installs IGBT-based Weldac and two seam annealing machines
Shanghai-based Baoshan Iron & Steel Company Ltd. is China’s largest iron and steel manufacturer. The recent installation of an IGBT-based Weldac and two seam annealing machines enables them to produce a complete range of tubes. EFD Induction has again proven its market leadership in high-powered solid-state welding equipment.

Post-weld heat treatment with induction
Welding pipe sections together sounds easy enough. But when the pipe is destined for the tough conditions of North Sea oil and gas fields, post-weld heat treatment is essential. For the past nine years, EFD Induction has been helping pipelines survive in one of the world’s harshest environments.

EFD Induction Weldacs supplied to Tubecon
As part of a multi-million dollar expansion program, Tubecon of South Africa has purchased a couple of EFD Induction Weldac high-frequency welders. The expansion program will reinforce Tubecon’s market position as one of the fastest and most reliable suppliers of hot and cold rolled steel tubing in Southern Africa.

Induction preheat the wire ends prior to coating
Flexyform manufactures components for women’s lingerie and delivers to famous brands such as Playtex, Lou and Sarah Lee. A Minac 6 Twin from EFD Induction helps Flexyform maintain its quality and cost levels.