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Simulate the heat stresses with induction

Peak performance from Minac

EFD Induction prides itself on being a pioneer in finding new, exciting applications for induction heating. A textbook example is the recent delivery by EFD Induction France of a Minac 6 Twin to SNR (Société Nouvelle de Roulements), one of the world’s leading bearing manufacturers.

The delivery itself isn’t special, EFD Induction has been delivering equipment to SNR for years. What is special, is that the Minac 6 is being used to simulate the heat stresses on automobile wheels caused by descending Mont Ventoux, a 1910-meter high peak in the French Alps.

Jean-Pierre del Gobbo of EFD Induction France explains: “Mont Ventoux is more than a spectacular mountain—its grueling slopes make it one of the toughest stages in the Tour de France. They also make it a favorite testing ground for automakers, who use the peak to test the effects of severe braking on car wheels and braking systems.”

The Minac 6 Twin is being used by SNR as part of a major initiative to find ways of improving the safety and quality of automobile wheel hubs. Adds del Gobbo: “SNR is a valued customer who for years has used our equipment for forging, tempering and hardening. We’re delighted to help SNR with this unusual, but crucial, application.”