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On-site upgrade to single-cabinet welder

EFD Induction Inc. and Century Rollforming Incorporated (CRI) of Norton Shores, Michigan, team up to create a perfect solution for the welded, rollformed shape industry. The Weldac took center stage.

When producing roll-formed products, welding can be a complicated business. Roll-formed shapes come in endless permutations so production is often set for many more parameters than with tubular welding. Include pre-punched holes in these profiles and the configurations can be very complex indeed. So end-users are asking a lot when they ask for the prototype products before they award the long-term production contract. Resources have to be switched to the prototype and other production stops.

This is where companies like CRI come to the rescue. CRI is a full-service roll-tooling designer, manufacturer, and test facility, offering part development and prototype services. Recently, EFD Induction worked with CRI on a prototype development contract for a mutual customer. The job demanded CRI’s roll-tooling and pre-production expertise. With only a couple of weeks to produce the prototypes, they had to set up a rollforming machine according to the customer’s specification and incorporate a welder unit. An EFD Induction Weldac 150 kW G2 solid-state welder was chosen for its high-quality design, quick delivery, local service, and competitive price. The possibility for an on-site upgrade to 300 kW was also a real winner. And with the single-cabinet design, installation was quick. Bill Schubert, the Sales Engineering Manager for CRI, recalls, “My technician said that setting the weld parameters was easier than on other units he is already familiar with.” On schedule, the prototype line was up and running, producing acceptable prototypes in a matter of minutes. Schubert was delighted with the Weldac and EFD Induction’s cooperation, “We are very impressed with the unit. CRI and the customer appreciated the support.” It’s great to get such approval from industry experts. With its many technical advantages, upgradeable power, and unique singlecabinet design, the Weldac is a perfect choice for roll-formers competing in the growing welded-shape market.