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Induction brazing under protective atmosphere

How EFD Induction solved a tricky technical challenge —and still met the tough quality demands of a German automotive sub-supplier.

EFD Induction Germany recently delivered a half-automatic induction brazing machine for brazing tubes and bushes under protective atmosphere. The customer is one of Europe’s leading sub-suppliers to automobile makers. The task appeared straightforward: braze bushes to tubes using copper brazing material. However, a process temperature of 1,100°C, work piece wall thickness of less than 3 mm, and a maximum cycle time of only 32 seconds per piece turned the task into a technical challenge. Added to this was the need for high through-put and excellent repeatability. After reviewing the customer’s needs, EFD Induction Germany proposed a Minac Twin solution. This solution—which involves one converter with two independent work stations— met all the technical, quality and productivity specifications. Set-up time was reduced to a minimum by designing the work piece fixture with integrated gas pipe-work and a quick-release clamping system.  

The system has worked without a hitch since its installation in the autumn of 2003. Indeed, the customer is so pleased with the system’s performance and benefits that plans are underway to purchase two more EFD Induction installations.