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Induction hardening of crankshaft

EFD Induction France has long been a leader in the design and manufacture of crankshaft hardening machines for auto-makers. That leadership is now being extended to extra-large crank-shafts for the truck, power generating, ship and railway industries.

Crankshaft hardening

The “Robot Flexible Machine” concept introduced by EFD Induction France has for years been a big hit with auto-makers. By allowing various types of components (from three cylinder to six cylinder crankshafts) to be processed almost at random, these hardening machines ensure extremely short changeover times. The concept is a major boost for car-makers— particularly those manufacturing “tailor-made” autos with short delivery times—and machines have been delivered in Germany, France, Spain and China.

EFD Induction France is now using its crankshaft hardening know-how for large-component processing. An example is the recent delivery of two hardening machines to TIANRUN Crankshafts Co., a Chinese manufacturer of crankshafts for trucks and heavy-duty vehicles. Each machine has a 250 kW, 3-10 kHz power system and processes 12 crankshafts per hour. The handling system is a “drum” type machine hardening head ensures individual hardening of crank pins and main bearings, as well as hardening of “fillets”, the radius between pins or bearings and the main crankshaft body.

The TIANRUN contract was won against stiff opposition from international competitors. A key customer demand was compliance with hard-ness pattern and microstructure specifications—challenges so tough that some competitors gave up at the test stage. The expertise gained in winning the TIANRUN contract is already being put to good use. In fact, EFD Induction France recently won another contract to deliver hardening machines for truly giant crankshafts, all the way up to 4.5 meters long. It is further confirmation, if any were needed, that EFD Induction France is the world leader in developing, making and delivering robot-type hardening equipment for crankshafts.