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Shrink-fitting of wheels with induction
Alessandro Mariani of EFD Induction Italy explains how induction technology keeps the trains running.

Induction for faucets
Over the past couple of years, EFD Induction has devised solutions for brazing faucet tubes to sockets, and for brazing thread inserts.

Induction magnet bonding in motor manufacturing
Every time you use a hand tool, domestic appliance or a car’s power windows, air conditioning or wipers, chances are you are using a permanent magnet type motor. Which also means you are probably benefiting from induction heating applications developed by EFD Induction engineers.

Brazing aluminum for air conditioners
Sverre Masterød, Section Manager for Standardized Systems at EFD Induction, explains why induction heating is the superior technology when brazing aluminum for air conditioning systems.

Induction brazing under protective atmosphere
How EFD Induction solved a tricky technical challenge —and still met the tough quality demands of a German automotive sub-supplier.

Induction hardening complete steering racks, shafts and gear parts
Unique hardening solutions for unique hardening demands. EFD Induction Germany, is no stranger to tough challenges. But two particular demands—and the special solutions devised by EFD Induction—stand out.

Induction heating of bearing
It takes a special kind of company to work for the offshore oil and gas industry. People have to be tough, adaptable and mobile. As for equipment, it has to be compact enough to be mobile, yet rugged enough to perform under demanding conditions. EFD Induction is therefore extremely proud to report on its growing involvement with offshore customers.

Induction heat treatment of steel bars
Joachim Plust of EFD Induction Germany discusses how integrated induction heating leads to better, faster and cheaper heat treatment of steel bars.

Induction hardening of crankshaft
EFD Induction France has long been a leader in the design and manufacture of crankshaft hardening machines for auto-makers. That leadership is now being extended to extra-large crank-shafts for the truck, power generating, ship and railway industries.

Shrink fitting of gear wheels
Sub-contractors to the automotive industry must constantly strive to trim costs, waste and lead times—while simultaneously meeting tough quality demands.

Induction hardening of brake shoe
EFD Induction India has grown steadily since its launch in Bangalore in 1992. But the first half of this year has seen spectacular growth—much of it due to a surge in demand for hardening solutions.

Induction forging of axel shafts
When it enters passenger service in 2006 the Airbus A380 will be the world’s only twin-deck, four-aisle airliner. EFD Induction France is proud to play a key role in getting—and keeping—this new flagship of the Airbus family airborne.

Induction pre-heating of tube
When manufacturing a television or computer monitor, it is essential that the cathode ray tube be correctly mounted. To achieve this, a so-called ‘shrinking frame’ is attached to the cathode tube and shrunk to fit its outer dimensions.

Induction heating of wire ends
Coils made of varnished copper windings are essential to a vast range of electrical components and appliances, automobile starters and generators being only two examples.

Induction welders for large mills
In 2002 EFD Induction China began delivering equipment manufactured at our plant in Shangai. Since then we have supplied more than ten made-in Shangai EFD Induction machines.