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Replacment of oscillator-type welder

EFD Induction Russia made an important breakthrough in the Russian market last May when it sold and installed its first solid-state welder (an EFD Induction WELDAC G2 450 kW).

Replaced oscillator-type welder

The welder was retrofitted at the Vyksa Steel Works in the Nizni Novgorod region 300 kilometers (186 miles) east of Moscow. The Weldac replaced an oscillator-type welder.

EFD Induction Sales Representative Dmitri N. Esin, helped install the new welder into the line. “Of course,” says Esin, “it feels good to make a sale and successfully install equipment. But all of us on this project felt extra good because we’re making a real contribution to modernizing a country’s industry.”

The Weldac is already paying off for the Vyska Steel Works. “Sure,” says Esin. “Welding quality has improved dramatically, energy costs have decreased, and uptime is improved.” Esin and his colleagues are especially proud of how quickly they managed to get the Weldac into place and up and running. “The entire retrofit—from dismantling the old welder to regaining full production—was completed in less than three days… and most of that time was consumed by paperwork.”