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Induction preheating in the automotive industry

Induction preheating is ideal for reducing the risk of cracking and hardening structures. The reason is that induction generates heat in the material itself, which means that the surrounding temperature is lower than the one generated in the material. This heat is also more accurately controlled than a gas flame. This makes it possible to reduce the temperature difference in the welding zone and achieve a lower cooling rate—particularly important with laser beam welding, where the heat is focused on one single welding point.


What’s more, preheating and welding can occur simultaneously with induction-assisted laser beam welding. You can speed up production without jeopardizing the quality.


Another area of preheating where EFD Induction operates is the shrink fitting of gear wheels. Here again the advantages of induction heating are clear—fast, accurate and controllable heat. The induction equipment is also easy to fit into your existing production line.