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Induction hardening in the automotive industry

Induction hardening in the automotive industry

Few industries have benefited as much from induction hardening technology as the automotive sector. And few—if any—induction companies come close to matching our expertise in this key area.


Working closely with many of the world’s top automakers and auto suppliers, we have to date installed more than 2,000 induction hardening solutions in the following areas:

  • Induction hardening of engine parts such as valves, crankshafts, camshafts, connection rods and starter rings
  • Induction hardening of transmission parts, for example CV joints, tulips and axle shafts
  • Induction hardening of suspension parts such as shock absorber rods, springs and suspension arms
  • Induction hardening of parts for automatic and manual gear gearboxes, for example rings, selector shafts and sun gears
  • Induction hardening of clutch springs and brake pads

EFD Induction has spearheaded the development of advanced frequency converters. We also offer frequency converters that run at high and low frequencies simultaneously, known as the Multi Frequency Concept (MFC)—ideal for contour hardening of cogwheels and other complex geometries.