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Induction brazing in the automotive industry

Induction brazing in the automotive industry

EFD Induction has a long track record in providing induction brazing solutions for the automotive industry. Here are some of the areas in which we are active:
  • Induction brazing of aluminum parts for air-conditioning systems, for example evaporator and condenser connections (tube-to-tube, tube-to-block, tube-to-tank)
  • Induction brazing of steel and copper components, e.g., brake linings, fuel injection pipes
  • Induction brazing of short-circuit rings for electric motors

Induction heating allows quick and accurate repetition of the desired heating cycle to the correct temperature. And the heat is easy to handle—no open flame to adjust, no need for insulation material to protect surrounding components. This, of course, promotes quality and uptime, and in the automotive industry there are numerous cases where induction has slashed brazing waste.