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Tube and Pipe Annealing

Tube and Pipe Annealing

EFD Induction has developed a range of full body and seam annealing systems to meet your specific requirements. Common areas are annealing of high-grade steels and pipes produced according to different specifications such as API.


There are many advantages to choosing EFD Induction for tube and pipe annealing. These include: a constant power factor at all power levels, quick lifting of coils to avoid damage, continuous electronic automatic load matching, no need for operator intervention when changing tube size or wall thickness.


Within seam annealing there are two more smart EFD Induction solutions worth looking at in more detail: Traveling seam annealing and orbital seam annealing.


Traveling seam annealing moves the induction coils horizontally across the seam of the pipe seam. This ensures a uniform temperature all the way out to the ends of the pipes, thus minimizing waste.


With orbital seam tracking, an optical camera ensures constant heating of the weld. The camera simply follows the seam along a white tracking line painted on the pipe, and compensates for positional changes by rotating the induction coils (+/- 15°).